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In Astro-Ark, you play Astro, a scavenger bot, who is in search of his team  members.   On a scavenging mission, after crashing and losing contact with his home planet Ark, Astro starts his search for his missing team members.   Thus, the journey begins.

Credits : 

Music : Last Heroes x TwoWorldsApart - Eclipse (ft. AERY)

Rest from Scratch!

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Astro-Ark.7z 139 MB


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Pretty fun game! Graphics are really good, music is great. My only complaint is it's too short! Fell like with a game this pretty and fun, a 2 minute level is not enough. Would be awesome to see more levels and more enemies/obstacles and maybe even an obstacle course. Maybe a video, hope you enjoy! 

 Also sorry for breaking the game, but it led to a pretty funny moment right at the end. 

Hi Cyberwolf,

Thank you for your wonderful comments and feedback. We are currently working on including new objectives, refining the game play mechanics, adding new levels, and fine-tuning the artwork. Our focus during the EPIC MEGA JAM was to publish the game as best as we could within the limited timeframe. We are hoping to release the update soon. Will keep you posted. Hope you enjoy the refined/improved version.


Fogartti Dev Team

Ah I did not notice it was part of a game jam so that's understandable!

it looks good